Beylerbeyi Palace
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Beylerbeyi Palace

The palace was built on the site of an older wooden mansion between the years 1861-1865.
Western motifs along with Turkish and eastern motifs were used to decorate the building. It has two sections: the Harem (for ladies) and the Selamlik (for men). Including the ground floor, the mansion is theree-storeyed and has twenty-six rooms and six halls.
The small pavillions located at each end of the long quay were for recreation. There are gardens and terraces with pools behind the building.
The Stable Pavilion here is the finest example of its kind, and the pavilions nearby were built before it.The large mansion has a well-arranged garden and a richly ornamented marble exterior. The large hall in the centre section of the palace has a pool and a spiral staircase.the different artistic styles displayed in the decorations of the hall give it a striking apperance.
During its golden days, the mansion was used during the summers and also to accommodate visiting state dignitaries. It has been preserved in its original condition.