Anatolian Fortress
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Anatolian Fortress

Anadolu Fortress (Anatolian Fortress)

 The Kucuksu Pavilion and the fortress are situated by a park on the Asian shores of the Bosphorus. It is quite a small fortress built between 1390 and 1391, before the European Fortress on the opposite shore, by Sultan Bayezid, to control the traffic on the Bosphorus, and as a step in the preparations fort he final seige of Istanbul. A street passes through this picturesque fortress, situated at a strategic location by the sea, next to stream that drains into the Bosphorus. There are old wooden houses resting against the small towers of the fortress.

The Kanlica district, which comes after the fortress, is famous for its yoghurt and seaside cafes.The Asian tower of the new Faih Bridge is also situated here.

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